ARCH Process

Simple and effective, the process your team at MoreSALES employs will help you realize new business opportunities efficiently in a matter of just a few months. Our approach is a four-step proven process that we call ARCH.

Here’s how it works:

AOne of our senior advisors sits down with the business owner or president and appropriate stakeholders to assess the present situation, track record, target markets, objectives and hurdles. From this initial stage will emerge a cursory SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis that will confirm our understanding of your situation and point out challenges of which you may not be aware. It also lays the ground work for the scope and timing of the rest of the engagement.

researchWith direction and objectives confirmed by senior management, the MoreSALES research team roll up their sleeves and get to work building a clear picture of the target markets, influencers and connectors we can leverage on your behalf. Sometimes these are companies, groups, events and associations but just as often they are individuals we build relationships with in order to understand and facilitate the compilation of a prospect database.

CBy this stage we know who we’re targeting and we move to make contact with these prospects to book apppointments for you and/or your sales team. As part of this process we also improve your brand and marketing communications based on the findings of the research and align your approach with the prospects’ style and expectations. This often includes website and social media based enhancements as well as traditional sales tools and training to improve your close ratio and capture more business.

HTo maximize your ROI we are always in test and measure mode to continue to improve and adjust the approach. This includes regular team meetings with your dedicated account manager and our appropriate team members to provide you with progress reports and hear your feedback on our performance. Armed with our ongoing learning we apply the right mix of talent and team to ensure your objectives are met. Our Goal: Your repeat business and referral to more clients.

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