Written Testimonials


We did not have the need for a full-time sales or marketing manager. Since our initial engagement with MoreSALES, we have increased business and developed a higher caliber of clients. I was very impressed with their comprehensive approach and contractual system.

We have successfully engaged the team at MoreSALES to

  • conduct market research,
  • develop a prospect database,
  • train and coach our team in effective selling techniques,
  • work with us on recapturing dormant opportunities,
  • design and deploy our new website, and
  • design and print a series of sales sheets and folder.

Today we continue to rely on MoreSALES’ guidance and assistance on marketing initiatives and have referred them to several of our colleagues who have also had a great experience and excellent results.

George Henry Senior
President, Baumeier Corporation


Davis Controls, Ltd., is a leading distributor of Process Controls, Industrial Instrumentation and Automation Solutions since 1933.

To help solidify the Davis position as a sector leader, the MoreSALES team designed a series of trade advertisements featuring market-specific application ads that communicated key benefits to specific trade audiences.

We are very pleased with the creative horsepower MoreSALES brings to the table and the extra mile they go to exceed our expectations—often under tight deadlines.

Neil Montgomery
President, Davis Controls Ltd.


I realized that in order to grow, we would need a more focused and diligent approach to new business development.

We were sent an introduction package by MoreSALES offering to help us with our sales and marketing. I was immediately impressed by their approach and professionalism and signed a six-month engagement that included market research, strategic sales planning and direct sales and marketing initiatives.

Both the research and the plan were delivered on time and were well received for their accuracy and insightful direction and recommendations.

Their president, Mike Jennings, planned and accompanied me to Alberta where we met with existing, dormant and prospective customers over a three-day trip.

This, along with their other actions proved very effective in growing our existing business as well as opening new doors.

I would strongly recommend Mike and the MoreSALES team to any business owner who needs help growing sales and improving their market awareness.

Steve Friend
President, Dynamic Filtration Ltd.


We began working with MoreSALES in early 2010. Each year, we’ve renewed our contract based on the significant service received from the MoreSALES team and the positive results we’ve had.

Our group is mostly comprised of environmental engineers and technicians so selling is not an inherent trait. Realizing this, MoreSALES initiated bi-weekly team meetings where they provide specific hands-on sales training, assist with task allocation and ensure proper follow-up on each task. Due to this sales coaching, the team is now consistently focused on high-yield activities. Team members repeatedly tell me how much they enjoy the learning they receive during each session.

As a busy entrepreneur, I am pulled in many directions each week. As such, I highly recommend MoreSALES to any owner who is looking to bring focus and continuity to their sales and marketing efforts.

Bruce Tunnicliffe
President, Vertex Environmental Inc.


As President of a growing, Oklahoma City-based telecommunications network, I am constantly amazed at our assumption that our team understands managerial direction and our inability to articulate clearly and on a regular basis what we expect of our employees.

It became apparent that for USAD to reach the targets we had set, a big change was needed in the way we communicated internally to our teams and departments and externally to our customers and partners.

We engaged the services of MoreSALES to assist our management team and myself to

  • establish a corporate-wide vision supported by department-built missions,
  • cultivate a culture of co-operation and accountability throughout the organization,
  • develop a set of communications best practices,
  • train and implement these policies into the organization, and
  • translate this vision into a new brand positioning for USAD.

MoreSALES worked closely with our management team and departments to understand our situation, provide direction and create a vision that we could stand by while continuing to keep the company moving forward.

Since completing these initiatives, we have seen an improvement in morale and communications that are more open. As a result, these changes have delivered bottom-line results because we now make decisions more efficiently and take action with a greater sense of purpose and ownership.

I recommend the team at MoreSALES to any owner or senior manager looking to make a positive change in the culture of their organization and position their business for future growth.

Richard Costello
President, USA Digital Communications


Too often, we get tied up in our busy schedules to stop and thank those service providers who go beyond our expectations.

I was pleased to hear from my sales and marketing team that you have been accommodating all their needs promptly and professionally.

We really appreciate how the MoreSALES team takes charge of a project and runs with it to completion with minimal supervision from our staff.

Thanks again for keeping these projects on track and delivering great work!

Scott Sheppard
Sr. Director of Marketing, Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company


OSMOS Canada enjoyed several successful engagements with MoreSALES in growing the Canadian market. Therefore, we felt MoreSALES had the expertise to help OSMOS USA improve our sales staff efforts and take our company to the next level.

During our initial visit in New York City, I was immediately impressed with MoreSALES’ ability to quickly access various sales situations and provide “spot on” insights and advice over a four-day span.

Having worked with sales consultants in the past, I was impressed that MoreSALES had researched our business and understood our challenges by gathering and analyzing information prior to our meeting. Additionally, MoreSALES always made suggestions that focused purely on the growth of OSMOS USA and tackling our challenges. They are honest, forthright and diligent and provided a clear vision on how to move our company forward.

MoreSALES issued a report and a series of recommendations to help OSMOS USA grow its client base. Since then, we have worked with their team and successfully implemented the sales initiatives that we started together.

We were very pleased with MoreSALES. We understand why they would be successful helping any company increase their business by reaching and connecting with potential customers in a persuasive and insightful way. I highly recommend MoreSALES to help grow your business.

Thomas Winant
Chief of Operations, Osmos USA Inc.


After 17 years in business, our marketing team began looking at re-branding in order to reflect the growth and progression of our company.

The MoreSALES approach to our business was very thorough right from the start. They made suggestions that made sense and provided us with a solid foundation to build upon.

They listened attentively to our needs and researched our market. After fine-tuning our logo, they went to work on developing all of our new marketing material.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with the results and have received praise from dealers across North America.

Bob Nowack
Corporate Sales Manager, Cambridge Elevating Inc. 


Homegrown Hydroponics is one of North American’s leading hydroponics equipment distributors, with over 30 years of expertise and a client base predominantly in Canada.  With Warehouse and Headquarters in Toronto, they were looking to expand their presence beyond Ontario retail and agent locations through distribution into the U.S. market.

MoreSALES made HH aware and helped them apply for Export Market Access (EMA) funding which they were successful in achieving.  This was used to build a new brand and marketing initiative to launch their revitalized line called Dutch Nutrient at the Maximum Yield Trade Shows in Seattle and Boston in 2015.

This included a comprehensive rebrand of their packaging and product logos as well as planning and attending the tradeshows, designing and setting up our booth, creating an entire pre and post-show  trade advertising campaign and launching a new e-commerce website.

“We have received rave reviews from the market on our product and likewise we have nothing but rave comments to pass along to any company management who is considering MoreSALES to assist them in their sales and marketing to the Canadian and U.S. marketplace.”

Alex Rae
President, Homegrown Hydroponics

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