Sales Training for Manufacturers

Maximizes Results!

Is your sales team becoming glorified order takers?

Are your field reps pushing the same old products to the same old customers?

Does your internal or external sales force lack focus and direction?


In most cases a stagnating sales team may simply need accountability to be more successful.

Working closely with senior management, MoreSALES is able to identify critical challenges and provide a path to success for a team, a department or an individual.

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Experienced in the top sales and corporate culture methodologies (see Resources) a MoreSALES coach/facilitator can help get your team back on track and exceeding targets.


“In just 3 monthly meetings, we’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in both the morale and the performance of our inside and outside sales team.”
Nathan Martin, O’Dell & Associates


“The team at MoreSALES worked closely with our management team and departments to understand our situation, provide direction and create a Vision that we could all buy into and stand behind while continuing to keep the company moving forward.

Since completing these initiatives, we have seen an improvement in morale and open communications. As a result, these changes have delivered bottom line results as we now make decisions more efficiently and take action with greater sense of purpose and ownership.”
Richard Costello, USA Digital


“Our team is mostly comprised of environmental engineers and technicians, sales are not an inherent trait. In realizing this, MoreSALES initiated bi-weekly team meetings where they provide specific hands-on sales training, assist with task allocation and ensure proper follow through on each task. Due to this coaching, the team has consistent focus on high yield activities. All of our team repeatedly tells me how much they enjoy the learning they receive at each session.”
Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental Inc.


Remove the burden of trying to figure out how to get your sales team motivated and delivering the results you expect.

Call MoreSALES today to find out how we can guide your team in an encouraging way. Give us a call at 1-855-735-9861 or email at

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