How to Expand into New Markets

Looking for fresh leads from a different vertical market?

Want to expand sales to other geographical markets across North America?

Need to evaluate if you can capture business with different offerings?

Don’t risk money, time and resources without being certain your market expansion efforts will be successful.

How to Expand into New Markets Solutions to Increase your Sales | MoreSalesUSA

MoreSALES Market Research services are designed to give you the answers you need before you expand.


Distributors, Manufacturers and Wholesalers

If you are considering taking on a new line or opening another division, we can efficiently evaluate the strategic strength of any growth plan to ensure it is appropriate and has a high degree of success.


“I realized that in order to grow, we would need a more focused and diligent approach to new business development.

We were sent an introduction package by MoreSALES offering to help us with our sales and marketing. I was immediately impressed by their approach and professionalism and signed for a six month engagement that included market research, strategic sales planning and direct sales and marketing initiatives.

Both the research and the plan were delivered on time and were well received for their accuracy and insightful direction and recommendations.

Their president Mike Jennings planned and accompanied me to Alberta where we met with existing, dormant and prospective customers over a three day trip.

This trip along with their other actions proved very effective in growing our existing business as well as opening new doors.

I would strongly recommend Mike and his MoreSALES team to any business owner/operator who needs help to grow sales and improve their market awareness.

Steve Friend, Dynamic Filtration


Whether your distribution company wants to add a new product line, expand its territory or venture into new vertical markets, MoreSALES can conduct a detailed analysis of the opportunity and deliver a comprehensive report.

Once the research is complete, we’ll help you build a strategic plan to attack the market. It will include both sales and marketing tactics and resources you’ll need to be successful.

The best benefit from the MoreSALES approach is the Prospect Database.

It will include real companies your sales team can approach including contact names, phone numbers and events. If you don’t have a sales team, MoreSALES Lead Generation can call and book appointments for you.


To learn more about our Market Research and Strategic Sales Plans for distributors targeting new markets, call 1-855-735-9861 or email us at

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