Customer Surveys for Manufacturers and Distributors

A well executed customer survey will tell you exactly what you need to do to get more new customers and what you need to do to retain your existing customers longer.

Distributors, Manufacturers and Wholesalers:

  • Increase your sales by finding out exactly what your customers want and deliver it to them.
  • Avoid customer erosion by discovering service and product shortfalls before it’s too late.
  • Extend customer loyalty by acting on their needs, not just talking about them.

Stay ahead of your customers and stop losing business to your competitors

For over 10 years we have specialized in helping distributors and wholesalers learn what their customers are thinking.

Time and time again, we have asked our clients what they want and the answer is clear:

You want to know what your customers want to buy and what they think about you, your staff and your offering.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep worrying about your customers, your staff or your products.

Get the real time answers you need straight from your customers.

We have a proven interactive customer retention system that yields qualitative and quantitative feedback from your customers in as little as two weeks.


“With the information I was provided by MoreSALES, I was able to prevent a major client from shifting their business to a competitor.”
George Henry, Baumeier Corporation


“MoreSALES helped us identify what our customers wanted and how they wanted it, which resulted in a 15% boost in sales in 1 year.”
Dave Ross, Grand Valley Foods Inc.

How the MoreSALES survey works!

We don’t use an online system with survey software. Our team of real people have actual conversations by phone. Our calls can be recorded and transcribed for you to review.

Our callers are direct, intuitive and interactive.

They bring a “friendly ear” to bend, vent and feel appreciated.

 Additional Benefits:

  • Ensure customer awareness of all your products/service offering.
  • Deeper account penetration – get customers buying more from you.
  • Market intelligence – to help you plan for further expansion.
  • Understand customer needs for future product acquisition and diversification.

 Our 4-step Process:

  1. Script development and pre-prep customers email
  2. Determine a range from best to worst customer database
  3. Conduct survey and provide heads up on immediate crisis or opportunities
  4. Issue reports; includes transcripts of all conversations, executive summary, detailed PowerPoint interpretation with findings and suggested strategies.

Our clients are consistently amazed at the information and opportunities we uncover, often discovering additional business prospects to act upon.

Don’t leave customer retention to chance.

You can’t afford to guess what your customers want from you.

Call or email us today for prompt, professional and proven expertise…because every company needs More Sales.


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