Co-op Advertising Programs for Manufacturers and Distributors

Vendor Management

As a distributor or manufacturer, you need to make the most of your vendor relationships in order to get full value from these arrangements.

Your vendors can be a great resource for you to implement joint marketing programs— but you need to know how to effectively use their marketing tools and money to successfully leverage their brands and credibility.

Co-op Advertising and Promotional Programs

Co-op advertising is one way to significantly reduce your media costs as well as your ad production and creative expenses. Other vendor assets such as product photography and demonstration videos can be utilized to improve online brochures and catalogues as well as websites to boost Google rankings.

MoreSALES will help your distribution or wholesale business get the most out of your co-op advertising and marketing tools. Remember: it’s in the best interest of your partners to ensure that you are successful.

Our full suite of services includes:

  • Consulting regarding your company’s eligibility for co-op funds with various vendors
  • Communicating regularly with vendors to effectively take advantage of all their tools, techniques and offers
  • Collecting vendor assets such as corporate and product logos, video demos and product specs and keeping them up-to-date
  • Managing your company’s co-op budget and keeping you current on the latest vendor tools to maximize ROI
  • Turning vendor offers and promotions into specific deals aimed at your customers
  • Ensuring adherence to supplier brand standards

Co-op promotional programs are a cost-effective way for you as a distributor or manufacturer to reach your target markets. To find out how we can help with vendor management so you’re not leaving money on the table, call 1-855-735-9861 or email us at for more information.

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