10 Reasons to Use Social Media for B2B

10 Reasons to Use Social Media for B2B

Social media is everywhere these days, and everyone is using it. It seems that many B2B operations are a little late to the game as compared to B2C when it comes to social media. There is no reason to shy away from the use of social media; in fact, it can only benefit your business. Here are 10 reasons to use social media.

1. Get more exposure online.

 Social media is great for exposure. It gets your name out there. It allows people to see what you are about and why they should choose to support your company. Social media allows you to create ways to draw clients back to your website. It allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche if you are able to provide informative tweets or posts.

2. Showcase your brand.

You can easily showcase your brand online through the use of social media. Twitter is especially good for creating interaction with clients. If you need a more visual type of representation of your brand then creating an Instragram or Pinterest account is in your best interest. You can easily share infographics or images that represent your brand.

3. Collect feedback.

Many clients will not hesitate to provide feedback through social media. You can use both positive and negative feedback to build from. Negative feedback can serve to help you enhance your business practices. Positive feedback will help you to realize which of your marketing methods is most effective and why.

4. Generate leads.

You can use social media to send out tweets or blasts about special promotions you have going on, or simply to link back to your website to get more leads coming in. You can share small pieces of information with your clients that will keep them interested in coming to your website to learn more. You can get a steady supply of interested prospects to talk to every week. Contact us and we will show you how. Call or email MoreSALES today at 1-855-735-9861 or info@moresalesusa.com to learn about our proven weekly lead generation program that will give you a steady supply of prospects.

5. Attract more clients.

Social media allows you to access a wider client base than you ever imagined possible. All age and target groups make use of social media, and certain platforms are better than others for drawing a certain crowd. LinkedIn tends to be a good space for B2B engagement because of its more professional nature. Check out our e-book on creating the perfect company LinkedIn page.

6. Add a personal touch.

Social media allows you to create an identity online. It allows you to give your clients a look at the more human side of you. In B2B the conversation is often focused on the product or industry, but by using social media you can infuse a bit of personality into the mix.

7. Build relationships with potential customers.

You can build positive relationships with your clients through social media. Social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, allow for direct connection with clients. You can establish a relationship based on trust by showing that you are an expert in your field through the content you share.

8. Rank Higher.

You can leverage the power of social media to help you rank higher in search engines. By using keywords and hashtags you can help to establish yourself higher in the rankings of Google and other popular search engines.

9. Engage with employees

Often with B2B you are not communicating directly with your clients, and so you may have a different use in mind for social media. Social media can be a great way to engage your employees. It creates an atmosphere that they can get excited about being a part of. You can hold contests, or other special events online to help with employee engagement and satisfaction.

10. Monitor analytics

One of the biggest bonuses of social media is the ability to track how your efforts are doing. By taking a look at analytics you can tell which posts have been effective, and which ones were perhaps less effective. You can use this data to consider ways to improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

These are just some of the many reasons why using social media is important for your business. It allows you to increase your engagement with clients, and helps give you an advantage over your competitors.

Written by Mike Jennings

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